The Car: We chose brand new 2014 Mercedes Sprinter van because of multiple safety features it offers, as well as because of the history and reliability of the brand behind it. If you drive a luxury car, why can’t your best bud drive in one too? Our van is customized inside and outside. It’s equipped with handcrafted dog crates securely installed to provide additional safety for our passengers. These crates are made out of lightweight aircraft grade and anodized aluminum and are equipped with custom made Primo Pads. Primo Pads are waterproof, non-toxic, offer superior support and are the best in the industry. We understand that they would like to sit on a seat, move around and stick their heads out through the windows, however, this is not a safe method of transportation for them. A loose dog can become a flying missile if the car stops abruptly or is hit by another car. If the car windows break or the doors pop open in an accident, a loose dog can escape, get hit on the road, or run off and become lost! A dog with his/her head out of the window can suffer injury to her/his eyes from bits of flying debris. Therefore, we strongly believe that our passengers should only be transported in crates. Our van also has AC/heating appropriately distributed throughout the length of the van to keep our passengers cool in a summer and warm in a winter. The flooring is made of a washable material to ensure clean conditions all day long. The outside of the van is finished with a 3D Wrap resembling a Dalmatian. If the look is not enough, we even have a "WOOF" horn to announce our presence! Such unique look is meant to keep drivers alert.

The Driver: Only holders of Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”) are allowed to operate our van as they are subject to stringent Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations such as annual medical exam, drug-free history and no recent history of traffic violations and accidents. Our current driver is Betty, Justyna’s mom, who is a holder of CDL and used to run a tracking transportation business for past several years. She has never even had a moving violation ticket in her life!


We are in business to help Others. For every round trip your pooch takes with Waggin' Wheels Express, we will donate a can of dog food to a dog in a local shelter. See Helping Others tab for more info.